Thursday, April 16, 2009

THE FLEA approacheth

Mr Paul Stevens, under the apprehension that he hath indeed in Former Times besported and comported himself during a long & disreputable Past Life as a Fellowe and Boone-Companion of John Donne Esq., Ben Jonson, Sir John Suckling, Richard Lovelace and his partickular Frende and Crony Mr Andrew Marvell of Hull & Nun Appleton House, wishes to presage the imminent Publickation of an Exhibition or Congeries of Poemes, Squibs & Epigrammes he hath whimsically deuysed under the Favoure of the Sovereygne Muse in a Broadsheet to be called THE FLEA, after the excellent Conceite of his Frende Mr Donne; and will aduyse furthermore any new Newes as seems apposyte and timely.

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  1. Paul... a bit more in the way of specifics on this one?


THE FLEA peruseth with its quick and round black eye the Thoughts you have so gently convey’d; & will byte & sip, & thinke, & publish betimes your pert Missive.