Monday, October 12, 2009

Flea Disaster

THE FLEA's computer and much of its back-up went to God on the morning of 4th October due to an unfortunate combination of events involving two poodles, a lunatic cat, a quantity of tequila and a go-go dancer.

I had processed most submissions through to the end of August and sent off accept/decline letters. But if you submitted work before October 4th 2009 and have not heard back from me, you need to send me the work again. 

Also, poets whose work I have accepted for issues 4 and following will need to send me that accepted work again. Amongst many other things I lost my email address book. I have a hard copy of what I had accepted for each particular issue of THE FLEA so I expect to get to each author eventually, but if you are an author whose work I accepted, please contact me so I can access your email address.

Needless to say I am mortified by these events, and apologise to all concerned.

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