Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sundrie Adviz’ments Concerning SUBMISSIONS &c.

THE FLEA’s first few Broadsheets for 2011 are filling up rapidly. Poets who have submitted work already should rest assur’d that Yr Editor is working diligently through the very large number of submissions in the order of receipt, and that their place in the queue for consideration is secure.

But Authors who submit henceforth from this present Day, until the close of the general Reading Period, viz. the 22nd day of January, should be appriz’d that Yr Hble Editor probably will not be able to put their work (should he chuse it for THE FLEA) into a Broadsheet before about June, or, it may be, even later. So IF Authors still desire to submit work nevertheless, they should factor into their stratagems that it may be a delay of some several Monthes before Publication. One Broadsheet of THE FLEA will, Deo volente, be publish’d each month during 2011, until August; beyond which Yr Editor hath not deviz’d.

AND MOREOVER there will be a special themed Bumper issue for THE FLEA's Secound Birthday Party in May; the Theme to be announc’d anon. Authors & Readers may summon to mind the extravagant Psychedelic Bug Rave of May, 2010, on the Occasion of THE FLEA's First Birthday. Yr Hmble & Obdt is still recovering from that Event. Not necessarily stoned, but... beautiful...

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