Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Fabulous Golden FLEA Awards 2010

Your Humble Editor hath, after much meditative scrutiny of his critical Faculties, decided upon Five winners of the totally unsubstantial, impalpable & non-corporeal Golden Flea Awards; whiche trophies, constructed entirely of Golde to ayrey thinnesse beate, & utterly lacking in Ontological Substance, are awarded to the following Poems, publish’d in THE FLEA during the previous Twelvemonth & a Day; viz,

Item, The Once-onlie, Nirvana-Supreme, Non Plus Ultra, Grand Cosmic Order of The Golden Flea is awarded to ‘The Pismire Oration’ by Margaret Griffiths

Golden Flea Awards are also hereby presented to,

Item, ‘Against Beauty’ by Alfred Nicol

Item, ‘Metre-wanker’ by Ann Drysdale

Item, ‘Small Game on the Prairie’ by Timothy Murphy

Item, ‘Starfish Harvest’ by Amit Majmudar

The 2010 Golden Flea Awards will be delyver’d instanter by shining Angels to the Fortunate Recipients; & that to be done imperceptibly, on the Metaphysical Plane, all with the Blessing of The Soveraygne Muse.