Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On the Push-Carte Prize

The Editor of the Push-Carte Anthologie hath dispatch’d an urgent Missive to THE FLEA, requesting nominations for the 2010 Push-Carte Prize; & after much cudgelling of the Editorial Brayne-pan, & energetick Resort to contemplative Pype-bowle Puffings of the Pestilent American Sot-Weede, Yr Humble Editor hath chosen the following Poems for THE FLEA’S Nominations; namely & to wytte:

‘Liminal’ by Angela Francehttp://www.the-flea.com/Issue6/Liminal.html

‘Binary’ by Amit Majmudarhttp://www.the-flea.com/Issue6/Binary.html

‘And The Men Kept Coming’ by Nicola Dalyhttp://www.the-flea.com/Issue7/AndTheMenKeptComing.html

‘Shakespeare in Love’ by Ann Drysdalehttp://www.the-flea.com/Issue7/ShakespeareinLove.html

‘Triduum’ by Rick Mullin http://www.the-flea.com/Issue7/Triduum.html

‘The Pismire Oration’ by Maragret Griffiths http://www.the-flea.com/Issue8/EpigraphPismire.html

THE FLEA wisheth these meritorious Authores all good Fortune in their contention for that worthy Prize.