Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Utterly Fabulous GOLDEN FLEA Awards, 1611

The GOLDEN FLEA Prizes for Excellence in Psyllophilous Poetry, awarded to the best poems (in Yr Hble & Obdt Editor’s infallible Estimation), originally publish’d in The FLEA from June, 1610 to May, 1611; the afore-said awards consisting of valuable ætheric Trophies, so utterly Metaphysical that they do not euen exist in Body Natural, but only in the Realm of the Ideal. This Year they are awarded to—

Mistress Anna Evans, for ‘The Persistence of Desire’:

Mr. Amit Majmudar, for ‘The Yo-yo’:

Mistress Ann Drysdale, for ‘When Mister Nifty Plays the Bones’:


Mr. Stephen Edgar, for ‘The Representation of Reality in Western Art’:

These awards to be deliuer’d vnto the honour’d Recipients by a host of Angels in a Glory!

For further Intelligence of these Transcendendental Phenomena, please consult the following Æ-Page; viz.,

Down at The Mermaid with The Flea

An evening down the Pub, and aftermath -- with John Whitworth, Ann Drysdale, Les Murray, Geoff Page, Peter Wyton, Anna Evans, Rick Mullin, Stephen Edgar, Ben Jonson, Timothy Murphy, Marly Youmans, Duncan Gillies MacLaurin, Susan Taylor, John Donne, Salli Shepherd &c. &c. Hangover remedies from John Whitworth & Alan Gould. Followed by uplifting ejaculations from George Herbert.